Morris County Challenger Little League - New Jersey Sports for Children With Disabilities
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Baseball2022 isOur 24thYear!

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For Boys & Girls. If you are interested playing Baseball in 2022 !

Date & Time Location Teams
April  SUN - 2PM Madison L.L. TB Mets vs Athletics
April  SUN - 2PM   Pirates vs Red Sox
April  SUN - 4PM   Mets vs Buddies
April  SUN - 4PM   Yankees vs Buddies
April  SUN - 2PM

Morristown National L.L.

Athletics vs Pirates
April  SUN - 2PM   Red Sox vs TB-Mets
April  SUN - 4PM   Mets vs Buddies
April  SUN - 4PM   Yankees vs Buddies
May SUN - 2PM PT-West L.L. TB Mets vs Pirates
May SUN - 2PM   Athletics vs Red Sox
May SUN - 4PM   Mets vs Buddies
May SUN - 4PM   Yankees vs Buddies
May SUN - 2PM Wharton L.L. Pirates vs Athletics
May SUN - 2PM   TB Mets vs Red Sox
May SUN - 4PM   Mets vs Buddies
May SUN - 4PM   Yankees vs Buddies
May SUN - 3PM Randolph L.L. Red Sox vs Pirates
May SUN - 3PM Brundrage Park Athletics vs TB Mets
May SUN - 5PM 2 Bungalow Lane Mets vs Buddies
May SUN - 5PM

Randolph, NJ 07869

Yankees vs Buddies
May SUN - 2PM Morristown American L.L. TB Mets vs Red Sox
May SUN - 2PM Ginty Field Athletics vs Pirates

May SUN - 4PM

50 Woodland Ave Mets vs Buddies
May SUN - 4PM Morristown, NJ 07960 Yankees vs Buddies
June SUN - 2PM Hanover L.L. Red Sox vs Athletics
June SUN - 2PM Veterans Memorial Park Pirates vs TB Mets
June SUN - 4PM 2 Papermill Drive Mets vs Buddies
June SUN - 4PM Whippany, NJ 07981 Yankees vs Buddies
June SUN - 2PM Somerset Hills L.L. Athletics vs TB Mets
June SUN - 2PM Kiwanis Park Red Sox vs Pirates
June SUN - 4PM 14 Pine Street Mets vs Buddies
June SUN - 4PM Bernardsville, NJ 07924  Yankees vs Buddies
June SAT - 2PM Mendham L.L. Red Sox vs Athletics
June SAT - 2PM

Borough Park

Pirates vs TB Mets
June SAT - 4PM Mendham, NJ 07945 Mets vs Buddies
June SAT - 4PM Mendham L.L. Yankees vs Buddies

8 Yogi Berra Drive, 


Little Falls, NJ 07424